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Welcome to LoverBridal.
The founder of loverbridal graduated from university and entered the industry since from 2008. We have our own factry, all members have many years experience in making wedding dress, evening dress and flower girl dresses. it's lucky that I joined such experienced team, almost all issued can be solved very quickly, I also have learned a lot from my colleague in the same time.
From 2008 to 2012, our business is mainly on wholesale, most of our orders are from Unite States, Australia, Unite Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, France and so on, we have new customers fly to visit our factory every month, we have 3 production lines, most orders are wedding dresses and flower girl dresses, we still have our wedding dress and flower girl wholesaler in Newyork and London now.
From 2013 to 2016, With the development of e-commerce, the retail business become more and more important, we have opened our shop in Etsy, Amazon, Storenvy and so on, during this time, I have learned a lot have to communicate with customers. Almost all dresses are custom made, for custom made dress, it's easily to make mistake, for example, if we ask for length from shoulder to floor to determine length of dress, there are many ways to measure, measure from back of shouder to floor, from side of shoulder to floor, with shoes on or without shoes on, so if we don't define the right way to measure, then I thin we can't get right measurements. To maintain more communication, think more from the perspective of the guests is the key to solve all problems.
From 2016 till now, we have created our own band with our own shop now, with our experienced and skilled communication, our business is become more and more better year by year, but during covid-19, the business is really affected a lot, I hope this omicron can be disappeared soon, our next plan is virtual try-on, I hope I can fulfile this function soon.
Contact us: info@loverbridal.shop
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